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A Story Only I Can Tell 

(Oliver Chapman) 



Album Title: A Story Only I Can Tell* 

*Song Description: “This song captures the mood of despondency at one of the lowest points of my career, struggling to survive on music in New Jersey. The composition started coming to me in the late evening, in a cold apartment, not sure where the money would be coming from, to cover rent, bills, food etc. I didn't sleep that night. All I had left the next day was this song. It's a story only I can tell.” 

Artiste: Oliver Chapman Track Listing: 

    1.    *A Story Only I Can Tell 

    2.    Sweet Sweet Thing 

    3.    Love That Needs Fixing 

    4.    We’ll Carry On (duet with Dianne Ramdeen) 

    5.    I Wanna Do Something 

    6.    Great Heroes 

    7.    What Has Gone Wrong 

    8.    Where’s Everybody 

    9.    Hard Life (duet with Dianne Ramdeen) 

    10.    O’ Little Darling 

    11.    I Believe 


Publisher: “Chapman Music Ltd” mcps/prs ℗ 2019/2021 © 2019/2021 Recorded at: Sidetrack Studios, Diego Martin, Trinidad (1-868-680-3706) Produced by: Oliver Chapman & Roger Israel
Engineered by: Roger Israel 

Composer: Oliver Chapman (except “Love That Needs Fixing” - O. Chapman & A. Coleman) All Arrangements by: Oliver Chapman & Roger Israel (except where indicated below)
All Voices: Oliver Chapman (except additional voices as indicated below)
All Instruments: Roger Israel (except acoustic guitars where indicated below) 

    1.    A Story Only I Can Tell - Roger Israel (“oohs” and “aahs” backing vocals); Sam Archer (additional arrangements) 

    2.    Sweet Sweet Thing - Oliver Chapman (nylon acoustic guitar) 

    3.    Love That Needs Fixing - Nappy Mayers (additional arrangements) 

    4.    We’ll Carry On - Dianne Ramdeen (additional lead vocal); Oliver Chapman (additional nylon acoustic guitar) 

    5.    I Wanna Do Something - Oliver Chapman (nylon acoustic guitar) 

    6.    Great Heroes - Dave Ramoutar (additional arrangements) 

    7.    What Has Gone Wrong - Marjani Israel (additional backing vocals); Dave Ramoutar (additional arrangements) 

    8.    Where’s Everybody - Oliver Chapman (nylon acoustic guitar); Natalie Yorke (additional backing vocals) 

    9.    Hard Life - Oliver Chapman (nylon acoustic guitar); Dianne Ramdeen (additional lead and backing vocals); Roger Israel 
(“oohs” and “aahs” backing vocals) 

    10.    O’ Little Darling - Oliver Chapman (additional steel acoustic guitar) 

    11.    I believe - Dave Ramoutar (additional arrangements) 

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