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Album Credits

Oliver Chapman: Man's On The Run

Album Title: Man’s On The Run Artiste: Oliver Chapman
Track Listing:
    1.    Ethiopia 

    2.    Man’s On The Run 

    3.    American Lady 

    4.    I’ve Got Your Back 

    5.    My Love’s Forever 

    6.    Evil Minds 

    7.    Congo Te 

    8.    Cryin’s Easy 

    9.    Spitting In The Skies 

    10.    Crooked People 

    11.    Cross Country Theme (bonus track) 

Publisher: “Chapman Music Ltd” mcps/prs ℗ 2019/2020 © 2019/2020 Recorded at: Sidetrack Studios, Diego Martin, Trinidad (1-868-680-3706)

Produced by: Oliver Chapman & Roger Israel
 and Engineered by: Roger Israel

Composer: Oliver Chapman
All Arrangements by: Oliver Chapman & Roger Israel
All Voices: Oliver Chapman (except additional voices as stated below)
All Instruments: Roger Israel (except additional instruments as stated below)

    1.    Ethiopia - Natalie Yorke (backing vocals)
    3.    American Lady - Oliver Chapman (nylon acoustic guitar) 

    4.    I’ve Got Your Back - Shanna Joseph (backing vocals); Richard Joseph (acoustic drum kit) 

    5.    My Love’s Forever - Dawud Orr (Saxes, Flute); Oliver Chapman (nylon acoustic guitar) 

    6.    Evil Minds - Roger Israel (backing vocals); Natalie Yorke (backing vocals) 

    7.    Congo Te - Derrick Seales (backing vocals) 

    8.    Cryin’s Easy - Shanna Joseph (backing vocals) 

    9.    Spitting In The Skies - Natalie Yorke (backing vocals) 

    10.    Crooked People - Natalie Yorke (backing vocals); Dawud Orr (sax, flute) 

    11.    Cross Country Theme - Oliver Chapman (nylon acoustic guitar)

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