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International artist and prolific songwriter, Oliver Chapman is poised to release his latest project appropriately titled, “ A Life Of Words & Music.”  The album features thirteen tracks, which includes not only his compositions but also a new arrangement of “Progress,” originally performed by King Austin and written by Winsford DeVine. Another notable selection to pay attention to is Oliver’s performance of the classic “Sunday Morning,” which was penned by Oliver and made popular by Peter Britto during the 80s.

The album is scheduled for release May 21st 2013 on Feather Pen Records and will be available at all digital music outlets such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and other official digital downloading sites. Physical format of the album will be available at selected outlets, please visit website: to see store listings.

“A Life of Words & Music,” also features musicians such as Samuel Archer on keyboards and music arrangements, James Mironchik on keyboards and music arrangement for “Dance Party.” Neal Johnson playing acoustic guitar on “Behind Bars,” and Etienne Charles playing trumpet and live overdubs. Background vocals are credited to Oliver Chapman, Samuel Archer and Keith ‘Designer’ Prescott.

Oliver, a native of Trinidad made his entrance into Trinidad’s music scene in 1962. He was a part of the group ‘SPARKS’ which was later renamed Wild Fire. During the period of the 60s into the 90s, Oliver contributed hit songs like “Sexy Lady You,” “My Life,” “Island Girl,” “Say A Little Prayer,” “Cryin’s Easy,” (Junior Byron), and “Tanty Say,” among many other notable compositions in various genres.  By the late 80s Oliver relocated to the US and has since released the album “Give Thanks,” and “From The Pen Of Oliver Chapman.”

Oliver is very reflective on this new release and approached various genres and explored arrangements bravely with producer and musician, Samuel Archer to create an artistic musical canvas and balance.

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